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Torpedo Hockey

Create more offence!

Score more goals!

Develop individual player tactical play!

Have more fun!


Torpedo Hockey is a new 90+ page book written by Coach Traugott that takes you through step by step instructions on how a coach can implement the Torpedo system - a system that can be used from Novice hockey through to the Pros.


This tremendous eBook is available by clicking the link below. For the price of gas for one road trip, coaches will learn how Torpedo Hockey can transform any team into a high octane offensive unit. And along the way, players will improve with better skills and individual tactical play.


Get your copy today!

"Coach Traugott's book on the Torpedo System does a great job breaking it down for coaches and players to understand a system that is “outside the box” and usually out of the comfort zone of most. His way of thinking is very progressive and his players most certainly must leave the arena everyday knowing they learned something new!"


                                   - Jeff Pellegrini,

                                         Associate Head Coach Women's Hockey

                                         Northeastern University


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