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Sports Psychology

A Coach's Practical Guide

to the Mental Game


Just in time for the upcoming season, Creating a Culture of Confidence is a book for coaches of all sports and provides practical ways to help your athletes be more mentally prepared for competitions, games and practices. Often with limited resources and manpower we struggle to provide mental skills training for our players. This eBook will help you provide that training and insight with everything you do while you are with your athletes.

We know you will find this book to be a valuable resource in your coaching arsenal. There are many great "nuggets" for you. From visualization exercises to alleviating bus legs, from appropriate positive communication to fostering meaningful game and practice rituals, this 100+ page book will simply make you a stronger and better coach.


Get your copy today!


From coaches who have purchased the book:


"Easy to read and follow. Some books on similar subjects seem

to be more about the author trying to sound smart versus

providing practical information."

"Easy to read, comprehend and, more importantly, execute."

"A good book that should be shared as it describes the challenges,

and why confidence is a big subject in sport."




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