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Although Coach Traugott is happy to tailor a presentation on any topic to a target audience, here are the subjects he has spoken on in the past:

“Sport Psychology - Creating a Culture of Confidence”

This multi-sport presentation makes sport psychology more accessible for coaches at all levels. The keys to building confidence in our athletes include everything from developing a trusting coach-athlete relationship to pre-competition routines that promote focus and readiness. 


“Speed, Pressure and Simplifying the Game”

Coach Traugott will take you through a season plan focusing on on-ice curriculum that promotes team speed, relentless pressure and ways to make the game more simple for players - allowing them to develop more hockey sense by seeing the game more conceptually.


“The Torpedo System”

This “high octane” offensive hockey system promotes speed, read and react and scoring goals. Since the Swedish National Team used it to defeat Canada at the 2002 Winter Olympics, the system continues to be an “out of the box” strategy that coaches, once implemented, will use season after season with all ages and levels of play.


“Building a Stronger Team Community”

Often, as coaches and leaders of team communities, we are faced with issues that are beyond what happens on the playing field - from athletes who are having difficulty at home (academically, social) to parents who have difficulty buying into the team vision. These problems can be detrimental to the team as a whole and need to be managed by coaches delicately but with firm leadership. This presentation gives coaches some tools to build a more manageable team community.



Coach Traugott is an accomplished presenter and speaker.

Having spent eight years in a high school classroom, his relatable style and ability to illustrate content with entertaining and understandable anecdotes and stories resonates with his audience.  Those in attendance will undoubtedly come away with many “nuggets” of insight to ultimately be better at what they do. Rick has spoken at many coaching conferences including the OFSAA (Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations) Coaching Symposium, the Sport North Leadership Symposium, Hockey Canada’s Program of Excellence Coaching Seminar and the International Coaching Symposium hosted online by WeissTech Hockey.

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