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Hockey Drills

Are you getting bored with your own practices? Running the same drills? Are your players just going through the motions?


will super-charge your practices.


I have put together a compilation of the best drills I have used for the past 30+ years. What makes them the best?


  • Drills are high tempo

  • Drills are easily explained and demonstrated

  • Many drills have multipart progressions

  • Each drill works on multiple skills and tactics

  • Drills have an “offence first” mindset


Download the introductory chapter that explains how you can maximize your practice time. This eBook is a “must have” for coaches of all ages and levels.


Get your copy today!


From coaches who have purchased the book:


"It's filled with great drills!"

"Easy to read, comprehend and, more importantly, execute."

"(Drills) focus on basic skill development as applied to playing the game."

"Easy to read and follow"

"It's well written and nice to see the (diagrams) of each skill."

"Useful and appriopriate."

"Coach Traugott truly cares about the development of his players."



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