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Looking for great tips on coaching hockey? 


will change the way you look at the game.


Now you can get 30 years of coaching experience in one terrific eBook. Coach Traugott has compiled over 60 blog posts into one 240+ page eBook covering topics from the use of statistics to season planning and everything in between.


Sections include Personal and Professional Development, Season Planning, Team Building, Practice, Skills and Tactics, Systems, Strategy and Mental Skills.


This eBook is a “must have” for hockey coaches of all ages and levels.


Get your copy today!



From the readers of Coach Traugott's blog:


"Coach Traugott has Valuable information and experience to share"

"The way he communicates is easily understood and easy to relate to."

"Coach Traugott's stuff makes sense and is on point."

"The information is very insightful and can help any
coach wanting to get better"

"I provide Coach Traugott's Twitter account and webpage as a tool
for coaches to use at all clinics I do."


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